About KS Technologies

KS Technologies are specialists in Thermal Monitoring appliances and software. Bringing a quality combination of both hardware and software together, companies can use KS Technologies specialist Thermal-i Profiler and its companion software Thermal-i Viewer to see, monitor and record inside an environment that was previously left to guess work.

With a dual WiFi component, the Thermal-i Profiler can operate as both a WiFi client and/or server giving flexibility to offer wireless connectivity direct to the profiler from a device running the viewer. Acting as a client, the Profiler can also make itself visible on the local network giving access to more machines at the same time.


Sean Botha

Thermal-i Profiler

KS Technologies are specialists in monitoring and profiling equipment for use in thermoforming laminating presses. The Thermal-i profiler has been developed alongside the Thermal-i Viewer software to provide a complete process monitoring solution. The device not only provides a full temperature profile of the process, but also provides pressure, humidity and video feedback.

These sensors allow the operator to assess the temperature and pressure at critical points in the laminating cycle, ensuring that the process has been optimised to provide the best quality lamination with minimum cycle times. These sensors can be monitoring in real-time using the Thermal-i Viewer software.

Gain Confidence in Your Process

In an industry where vinyl delamination is a key concern, it is critical that glue activation temperatures are reached. The Thermal-i will provide confidence in the process and ensure that CTQ (Critical to Quality) parameters are met.

Thermal-i Viewer

The Thermal-i Viewer software has been developed with an easy-to-use interface and has been optimised for touchscreen use, particularly with handheld tablets in mind. The interface provides real-time feedback from all sensors and allows the user to export thermal-profiling data in CSV format for use in 3rd party applications.

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